Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Teshuah Tea Company!

Our Mission

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I love that this company uses its money to support women who have been saved from sex trafficking. I love knowing that when I purchase coffee or tea that not only will it be a wonderful cup to enjoy but it is helping many women around the world.

Evan Nettleton

The people at Teshuah Tea actually care about the work they do, which is lost in a lot of industries now a days.

Derek Sellers

 I have a coaster set and cherish it. This is not only a wonderfully made possession but it represents a new life for these girls who were trapped in an evil environment against their will. Hell on earth and now have been rescued and have a new life, safe from harm. Thank you to the girls and the missions getting them out of harm's way. 
Make a difference in this world and help to fund these missions and these girls. They continue to stand up to evil!

Karen Gold